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Session etymology :

From Old French session, from Latin sessiō (“a sitting”), from sedeō (“sit”)..

Session definition :

(plural sessions)
1- A period devoted to a particular activity; a training session.
2- A meeting of a council, court, or legislative body to conduct its business.
3- (computing) Used in reference to web applications, a session is the sequence of interactions between the server and a user. A users session can store persistent data between different web pages. For instance, a person might login to a site on one page, then go on using other pages on the site. The login step begins a session where the server tracks information about that specific user. Sessions typically expire after a set time of non-interaction and are removed from the server's memory.
4- (cricket) A period of play in which the players only leave the field at a change of innings; the three sessions are between start of play, lunch, tea and close of play
5- (music) The performance of music by local musicians in a public place, with its origions in Gaelic culture. A musical performance broadcast for a radio show.
6- (gaming) Gaming with friends for an extended period of time, Online,Splitscreen[1] or via a LAN connection.

Session references :

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