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List of medical conferences and educations - cme online or at distance : 35 results

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Medical meetings - Medical educations

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Controlling Human Error on the Manufacturing Floor

Ref: 31655 Thursday April 02nd, 2020 - Online

Learn practical techniques for controlling human error in the manufacturing floor. The webinar discusses what is human error and why human error reduction is important.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Essentials of IT Auditing for the Non-IT Auditor

Ref: 31697 Thursday April 02nd, 2020 - Online

The webinar discusses the techniques of IT auditing for the non-IT auditor for financial or an operational examination. It discusses risks and audit concerns in the IT environment, IS audit concepts and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior: A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace

Ref: 31713 Tuesday April 07th, 2020 - Online

Learn the techniques of overcoming negativity in the workplace. The webinar discusses discrimination in the workplace, gossip, bullying and other issues and what managers need to do about them.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Excel Automation with VBA - Exploring Functionalities Beyond Macro Recorder

Ref: 31715 Thursday April 09th, 2020 - Online

This advanced Excel training is focussed on getting started with VBA in Excel. The webinar covers how to create a macro in Excel, understanding VBA jargon, editing an existing macro and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Outlook Best Practices: Get Organized with Microsoft Outlook and Boost Your Performance

Ref: 31721 Thursday April 09th, 2020 - Online

Learn Outlook best practices and lesser known tips and tricks to better manage your emails and enhance your productivity with the tool. The webinar covers sorting and filtering emails, flagging an email, managing calendar items and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Time and Task Management Effectiveness: Working Smarter Every Day

Ref: 31724 Thursday April 09th, 2020 - Online

Learn effective time management skills and strategies to improve your work efficiency and productivity. The webinar also explains how to improve your decision making skills and complete tasks within deadlines.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

FREE TO ATTEND: eyeforpharma Philadelphia Virtual Conference

Ref: 30997 04/14/2020 -> 04/17/2020 - Online

Join 1000+ pharma-decision makers (from across Commercial, Sales, Marketing/Digital, IT, Medical, Patient Engagement, Market Access, RWE and Clinical) to truly achieve value-based care.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Planning Your Company’s 2021 Unemployment Insurance Tax Liability

Ref: 31731 Tuesday April 14th, 2020 - Online

Know about the key issues surrounding unemployment insurance in USA, including the unemployment insurance benefits, tax rates, federal and state unemployment insurance issues and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Excel Pivot Tables 101 - Detailed Data Analysis with Pivot Tables: Calculating Sums, Averages, Counts and More

Ref: 31736 Wednesday April 15th, 2020 - Online

Learn how to perform data analysis using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. The webinar discusses how to create Pivot Table in Excel, data formatting, linking multiple tables through relationships, and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Investigating, Assessing and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Age of Social Media - Workplace Strategies for 2020

Ref: 31744 Thursday April 16th, 2020 - Online

Learn the techniques of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and how to address sexual assault in the age of social media. Also get tips for investigating employee harassment via social media.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Onboarding Best Practices for Millennials and Other Employees: Emerging HR Trends for 2020

Ref: 31761 Thursday April 16th, 2020 - Online

Learn the best practices for onboarding new employees to improve your organization’s employee engagement and productivity. The webinar also discusses onboarding best practices for millennials and how they benefit the business.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Legal Issues Raised by Deploying AI in Healthcare

Ref: 31629 Monday April 20th, 2020 - Online

Overview: Classically, the law reasons by analogy, and from precedent. The theory is that the law should deal with like situations in like ways. In some respects, however, Artificial Intelligence, especially the concept of machine learning, is virtually unprecedented, so the law is struggling ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Stressed Out: How to Handle Conflict, Difficult People and Challenging Situations

Ref: 31810 Wednesday April 22nd, 2020 - Online

Learn stressed out how to handle conflict, difficult people and challenging situations that occur in the workplace. Book now!

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Planning for Pandemic Threats: Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Ref: 31820 Thursday April 23rd, 2020 - Online

Learn about business continuity and crisis management and how to implement them during influenza pandemic. The webinar discusses how to write a business continuity plan and what should a business continuity plan include.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp: Top Ten Excel Functions, Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX), Basics of Excel Macros with ...

Ref: 31831 Thursday April 23rd, 2020 - Online

Microsoft Excel training that explains the top features of Excel for creating insightful spreadsheets. The webinar discusses macros, VBA, INDEX and MATCH and other Excel formulas and functions.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

International conference and exhibition on advanced energy materials

Ref: 30253 05/08/2020 -> 05/22/2020 - Distance education

exploring the new inventions in the energy materials,material science

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Virtual Conference, Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing

Ref: 31838 05/11/2020 -> 05/12/2020 - Online

This 2-day conference focuses on case studies from process chemists and engineers working in the field giving insights, examples and opinion.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

U.S. Cannabis Conference + Expo | A Borderless Virtual Event

Ref: 31821 06/09/2020 -> 06/10/2020 - Online

USCC Expo launches a new online conference and trade show in time to provide a safe alternative to crowded convention centers.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

11th Edition of International Conference on Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Ref: 31447 Monday June 22nd, 2020 - Distance education

  It takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 11th Edition of International Conference on Preventive Medicine and Public Health during June 22-23, 2020 at Zurich, Switzerland with a motto to Explore Innovations in Preventive Medicine and Public ...

Conference & Seminar: Cancerology, Cardiology, Pediatric Surgery, Dermatology, Diabetes, Diet & Nutrition, Epidemiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases - Hygiene, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med.

Mental Health Conferences

Ref: 31025 06/24/2020 -> 06/25/2020 - Distance education

Mental Health Conferences, Psychiatry Conferences, Neuroscience Conferences, Mental Health Conferences Asia, Psychiatry Conferences Asia, Mental Health Conferences USA, Psychiatry Conferences USA, Mental Health Conferences Europe

Conference & Seminar: Addiction

Logiciel médical est pour contrôler les paramètres biologiques et l'analyse graphique chez les patients

Ref: 27055 Wednesday July 01st, 2020 - Distance education

Logiciel médical est pour contrôler les parameters biologiques, l'analyse graphique et décision thérapeutique

Conference & Seminar: Bio-Technologies

International conference on virology and rare diseases

Ref: 30115 07/27/2020 -> 07/28/2020 - Online

Dear Professors/Researchers/Students,   Warm Greetings to you from Genoteq conferences. I am happy to share with you that “International conference on virology and rare diseases “during , july 27-28 2020 at berlin Germany . Theme of the conference : Spotlight on advancements of ...

Conference & Seminar: Virology

6TH Global Forum on Nursing and Healthcare

Ref: 30578 07/27/2020 -> 07/28/2020 - Online

  Warm Greetings to you from Genoteq conferences. I am happy to share with you that "6th GLOBAL FORUM ON NURSING AND HEALTHCARE during July 27th -28th, 2020 at Berlin, Germany. Theme of the conference: “Exploring latest innovations in nursing and healthcare” GFNAH 2020(http://nursing-cong...

Conference & Seminar: Midwives

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