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Event :Using Lean Six Sigma Methods (How to Take a Common Sense Approach to Projects and Business Improvement)

Date :Wednesday December 09th, 2020

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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Lean refers to the principles dictating removal of process inefficiencies, and reduction of cost and waste. Many companies are interested in hosting a lean operation in order to maximize productivity and operate with minimal resources, but enough to be as effective as possible. Six Sigma refers to ensuring the expectations of customers, consumers, or users are met within a tolerable variance. The focus is on quality and consistency, ensuring results always deliver to meet or exceed customer expectation. 
These principles together are critical to creating a sustainable company, building a reputable brand, and ensuring a maximum productivity operation at the company. Lean Six Sigma involves thorough process identification and documentation and considering all factors when making decisions that will impact the business.

Why Should You Attend

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies apply Lean Six Sigma methods to business improvement, yet a majority of all companies fail to adequately utilize Lean Six Sigma principles to aid their own business. The truth of the matter is, if you don’t apply these principles to business operations, it will be inevitable that your company will fall behind, and risks losing sustainability. Creating consistent quality results, in the most efficient ways, is not just for airlines, restaurants, and car companies, but for all businesses and all operations.

Objectives of the Presentation 

 » Become a better project manager, regardless of your industry or department
 » Improve the efficiency of processes and outputs
 » Increase the quality of the deliverables or outputs that you or your team is tasked with, whether it is a service, a product, or a task
 » Understand what is necessary to take on a project task and achieve maximum success
 » Know how to assemble an ideal team for project completion

Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Overview of Lean and Six Sigma
 » Identifying the Voice of the Customer
 » Creating a team and considering all factors
 » Developing a value stream mapping
 » Why it's important for all businesses regardless of industry
 » Application to everyday operations

Who Will Benefit 
 » Operation Managers
 » President
 » Vice President
 » Chief Operations Officer
 » Director
 » Senior Manager
 » Partner
 » Human Resources
 » Recruiters
 » Senior Associates
 » Manager
 » Department Heads

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Using Lean Six Sigma Methods (How to Take a Common Sense Approach to Projects and Business Improvement) Pharmacy
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