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Event :Successful Water System Sanitization

Date :Wednesday February 13th, 2019

Location :Palo Alto
2479 East Bayshore Road,
Suite 200
94303 Palo Alto, United States

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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This webinar will discuss common problems of sanitization process, the causes of sanitization failures and teach how to troubleshoot and take remedial actions with respect to material, construction methods, biofilm removal process and timing of sanitization.


For a water system to be successful various components play a role in it, like system design features, materials of construction, choice of sanitization chemicals and most importantly how they are used and how frequently the sanitization process is carried out.

If any of the above factors not done properly various problems can arise frequently like : microbial data trends showing increasingly higher counts in spite of remedial effforts, you are seeing P. aeruginosa or B. cepacia in your water system counts, then it is time to relook at your sanitization efforts and remedy to save cost, manufacturing time and quality of manufacturing.

This presentation focuses on the factors that can lead to water system sanitization success as well as failure so that the user can not only devise workable sanitization approaches, but also be able to recognize the early symptoms of a sanitization failure and troubleshoot the process for better optimization.


  • Material and construction limitations
  • Continuous vs intermittent sanitization
  • The importance of biofilm removal
  • How sanitants work (or don’t work)
  • When to sanitize
  • Common causes for sanitization failures and troubleshooting sanitization problems


Map and directions
Conference address :
Palo Alto
2479 East Bayshore Road,
Suite 200
94303 Palo Alto
United States
tel : +1-888-717-2436
Map and directions

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Successful Water System Sanitization Hospital - Management
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