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Event :Pharma and Patient USA 2020

Dates :Tuesday December 01st, 2020 - Friday December 04th, 2020

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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A new personal best for patient centricity
We've moved quickly to meet emerging patient needs during crisis - and now it's time to raise the bar of patient engagement higher.
There's no denying that COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape beyond recognition. From scaled remote research to instant care enrolment, pharma has been forced to re-prioritize and accelerate innumerable workstreams, acting with a swiftness and flexibility never seen before. And crucially, we’ve proven that previously insurmountable hurdles to elevating patient-centric strategy can be overcome. 
Patients have seen pharma adjust and adapt - and now their expectations are raised, it's not an option to slip back into old habits. So we're faced with two essential questions going forward: how do we sustain and improve upon new ways of working that have enabled us to become more patient-centric; and where else can we find new possibilities for patient-centric change?
Pharma and Patient USA 2020 will bring together industry experts, patient leaders and key stakeholders to realize a new gold standard for patient centricity that goes above and beyond to prioritize patient needs in our extraordinary new landscape. From delivering co-created digital Patient Support Programs (PSPs), to leveraging patient-generated data, to scaling patient-centric research structures, you'll gain the tools and techniques that put your patients first and your engagement strategy in first place.
Full Pass: USD 699.0
Time: 09:00 - 17:00

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Pharma and Patient USA 2020 Medicine
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