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Event :IMCAS INDIA 2013 - Goa - International Master Course on Aging Skin

Dates :Saturday November 16th, 2013 - Sunday November 17th, 2013

Location :Goa, India

Type :Congress - International audience

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We are pleased to welcome you to our third edition of IMCAS INDIA in Goa where IMCAS will optimize the collaboration and learning between Indian & worldwide doctors. Our guests will be able to exchange and network on the leading subjects on aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.
Who are we ?
What began more than a decade ago has now grown in terms of participation and renown. As such, IMCAS has become one of the most important international courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. Our Annual Congress is held every year in Paris in late January and welcomes more than 4 500 delegates from 82 different countries.
Four sessions of IMCAS Conferences are held annually:

IMCAS CHINA in October 2013 in SHANGHAI
IMCAS INDIA in November 2013 in GOA
What's happenning in India in 2013 ?

The objectives for IMCAS India 2013 are:
  • to improve anatomical basis, physiopathology and to present studies overview
  • to focus on practice with video & live demonstrations
  • to bring controversy by debating clinical cases
  • to present tips & tricks and the latest novelties in practice
India is definitely a place to be when it comes not only to the future, but even already to the present of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. Our fields are growing so fast across the entire country.

Due to a growing economy, the whole Indian population is currently opening itself to the idea of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, the culture is very different, and the call for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is not there driven by the same motivations it can be in Europe or America. India doesn’t look at aging, neither at older people the same way occident does and there’s a lot less pressure from the society about one’s age.

In 2011, India has shown a yearly growth rate of 6,1% making it the second largest growth after China. Moreover, India hosts the second largest population of the world, and the third fastest aging one.
But before (and beyond) figures, India symbolizes a different way to look at our medical aesthetic field.

‘‘Indian people are aging gracefully, and have by far higher respect for elder people.’’
Silvia Scherer, Managing Director Aesthetics, Anteis, Switzerland
Indian patients are not necessarily searching for a younger look but for a remodeling of the face, a way to feel better about themselves while completely assuming their age.
IMCAS INDIA 2013 Scientific Board

Benjamin ASCHER Plastic Surgeon, France
Daniel CASSUTO Plastic SurgeonItaly
Chiranjiv CHHABRA Dermatologist, India
Malavika KOHLI DermatologistIndia
Mukta SACHDEV Dermatologist, India
Kuldeep SINGH Plastic Surgeon, India
India thus teaches us that plastic surgery, as any medical specialty, can be the object of multiple approaches, and can be declined in many ways, with different goals and objectives according to the area of the world it’s been practiced in order to embrace local richness. One must adapt to each patient physiological, psychological but also cultural specificities.

So join us once again at IMCAS India, not only to learn the latest tips and techniques, but also to change the way you look at your own specialty. Open your mind, and welcome in India!



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IMCAS started in 1994, in Paris, France, as a congress dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Since its conception, IMCAS has sought to bridge the knowledge vacuum between Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology, thereby generating a synergetic and mutually reinforcing interface among these two fields. IMCAS [...]

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