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Attendees Terms of Service - ATOS


Doctorama means a website and a platform for event management administered by Smile Networks.

Doctorama operates in several domains, using various appellations, subsidiary names and aliases hereinafter referred to as "websites", providing online event management.

Doctorama offers an internet solution for organizing and managing conferences, conventions, training programs, congresses, symposiums, seminars, meetings and other health-related events whether hereinafter referred to as "events.

Doctorama provides global events management enabling the promotion and commercialization of the event, online registration and participant management via the Doctorama websites.
Participant and attendee fees as well as other services, hereinafter referred to as "Participations" are sold to customers, hereinafter referred to as "Participants" on the Doctorama websites.

Doctorama acts as a transparent intermediary on behalf and in the name of the organizer of the event.

1. Acceptance of terms use and sale of the service

By accessing the services, hereinafter referred to as "Doctorama", participants or attendees, hereinafter referred to as "Participant" acknowledge having accepted and understood the Doctorama Terms of Service named "TOS" and in particular the Terms of Service for Attendees named "ATOS".

The ATOS establish the contractual relationship between the Attendee, the Organizer and Doctorama, regardless of the site through which the Attendee or Organzser registered. The event organizer and the services delivered are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Organizer.

The data recorded by Doctorama represents proof of the transactions carried out by the Attendee on its website.

This offer is exclusively for adults or legal persons.

2. Relations between the parties

Doctorama acts as a transparent intermediary transmitting your registration to the Organizer. The Organizer is solely responsible for establishing the program, availability, fees and registration conditions for this event. By validating your registration you agree to enter into a contract with the Organizer according to the relevant Terms of Service. The Attendee must read the Doctorama Organizer Terms of Service (ATOS, TOS) when registering online

Doctorama is not the Organizer but acts on behalf and in the name of the Organization during the online registration process. Doctorama is not responsible for the insolvency of the Organizer or the cancellation of an event or for any dispute regarding the event.

3. Registration Confirmation

The Participant accepts and acknowledges the conclusion of the registration transaction and the TOS by clicking on the "Confirm" button when completing the payment step of the registration process. The participant will immediately receive confirmation of the registration and payment by e-mail The participant must inform Doctorama if he does not receive this confirmation in a timely manner.

In order for your application to be effective, your registration payment will be cashed by Doctorama on behalf and in the name of the Organizer.

4. Payment

All prices are in euros.
VAT is included in the price if the Organizer has indicated that VAT is applicable to the event.
Payment of the attendee fees by the attendee takes place on the Doctorama site by credit card, check or wire transfer.

Doctorama drafts the attendee invoices which are available online.
In the case of an event subject to VAT, Doctorama currently applies a single VAT rate.
The attendees or the paying persons or entities requiring an invoice showing VAT should send an email stating their VAT Reg. number.

immediate registration:
Payment is carried out by credit card: Visa - Eurocard / Mastercard via the BNP-Paribas secure payment process.
The amount featuring in the confirmation stage of the payment process is debited from the attendee's account.

deferred registration:
Important: it is still considered a reservation.
your registration will be taken into account only after confirmation of payment.
You can pay by check in euros from a French bank only or by bank transfer only.
Any bank transfer or exchange fees are at your expense.
Payment must be sent promptly after validation of the final step of the transaction.
The Doctorama bank account must be credited within 8 days, otherwise your booking will be canceled without further notice.

5. Secure payments and personal data

Secure payments
Electronic payments carried out on the site are processed using the BNP Paribas secure Merc@net internet payment system.

With BNP Paribas you purchase on internet with peace of mind, even if you are not a client of BNP Paribas. Your transactions are processed on the BNP Paribas server in a secure environment using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypting system, thus ensuring the security of data and transactions.

Securing personal data. During a transaction, you provide certain personal data (firstname, lastname , address, phone, email ...) to ensure the treatment or management of the order and personalized service.

The Attendee may authorize Doctorama or its partners to send him information newsletters about future events or similar offers targeted according to their preferences.

The attendee can choose not to receive this information by checking the relevant box in his account or by contacting us at any time:

Doctorama may not disclose your personal information outside of that transferred to the Organizer with your registration. This information is never transmitted to third parties, but may be used by affiliated partners.

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to data processing, files and liberties, the processing of personal information relating Doctorama service users has been declared to the CNIL No. 1429874. The customer has the right to access and correct personal data collected by Doctorama at any time.

6. Documents issued

The receipt of the registration request must be printed and submitted to the registration administration at the event location.

This document is issued by email and is available in the attendee account after the payment has been cashed by Doctorama.

The Attendee must verify the accuracy of the information provided and if necessary contact us immediately.
The document issued to the Attendee certifies the transaction with the organizer and mentions :

- the names and contact details of the Organizer,
- location and dates of the event,
- purchased services,
- the amounts paid in euros,
- the method of payment,
- the Doctorama legal notice.

Only amounts in Euros are applicable; amounts in another currency are mentioned only as a guide at the time of booking. This document is only valid on the specified dates for the participants concerned and for the number of persons indicated, provided that such request for registration has not been the subject of a subsequent cancellation by the participant or default of payment. This document confirms the request of registration on a particular date, but only the data featuring in the private area of the Organizer on the Doctorama event platform prevails. It is the Participant’s responsibility to submit any documents required to the Organizer for registration to take effect.

7. Transparent prices

All Doctorama Organizers have pledged to publish fees through Doctorama that are equal to or inferior to the prices announced in their catalogue or through other media. You are therefore sure to find the best transparent prices on Doctorama without any "margin added". The objective of Doctorama is to offer a fast, flexible and secure reservation service even if you are thousands of miles away.

8. Modification or cancellation

In case of modification or cancellation of your registration, please contact the Organizer directly by email or phone. By confirming your registration, you are committed by contract with the Organizer for the named event, according to the conditions indicated and accepted during your registration. Penalties for changes and cancellation are applied according to individual organizers and the amount of days remaining before the date of the event (see the conditions of the Organizer). Fees may be charged by Doctorama according to the conditions stipulated on the Doctorama websites.

Doctorama is authorized to cancel a registration request if the Participant does not respect the TOS or ATOS, or if the Organizer does not comply with the TOS or ATOS.

9. Limitation of liability

You acknowledge that Doctorama is not responsible for the choices of events, education programs or services you selected, and will not be liable for errors in substance or form (dates, location, program, benefits, number of persons, etc..) that you have made, or for non-compliance with the criteria for participation established by the Organizer. Information published (program, accreditation, photos, descriptions, prices ...) is transmitted to us directly under the sole responsibility of each organization. Doctorama assumes no responsibility for any dispute with the Organizer on the existence and/or quality of services provided in relation to the information published or benefits that were paid to the Organizer.

10. Intellectual property

You expressly agree that all intellectual property rights related either to the content in any form whatsoever, either to the databases on the Doctorama websites are the exclusive property of Doctorama or its legal successors. This data may not be withdrawn, reproduced or used without the consent of Doctorama.

11. Legal

The validation and/or the confirmation of the registration request by the Participant is considered a direct contract with the Organizer concerned who exclusively and directly guarantees the registration request to the Attendee. Through this validation, the Attendee accepts the Organizer’s conditions and the Doctorama TOS and ATOS, if applicable, as well as the fact that Doctorama is acting as a transparent intermediary and is exempt in from any liability. Any dispute must be solved directly with the Organizer. The liability of Doctorama is limited to the amount of remuneration paid by the Organizer for the concerned participation. In case of dispute, exclusive jurisdiction is given to courts under the jurisdiction of the city of Marseille, France, which will apply French law, even in the case of multiple defendants or calls for guarantee, even in emergency procedures or protective procedures. French law is in force here and excludes any other international law.


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