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FDA Regulations for Qualification and Validation Processes - 2017

Ref: 25124 Friday April 28th, 2017 - Online

Overview:   In this webinar you will learn the different global agencies expectations of analytical equipment qualification along with the development of a sound process validation program in order to develop and implement bulletproof solutions that are accepted, effective, and ...

Education: Medicine, Public Health

FDA Policy and Goals Regarding the 483 Response - 2017

Ref: 25288 Tuesday June 06th, 2017 - Online

This 60 min Webinar will discuss the proper timing and wording to use for the 483 response to put your company in the best position with the FDA.

Education: Medicine, Public Health, Management, Pharmacy

SOP Development - How to Write Them Effectively For Compliance - 2017

Ref: 25289 Tuesday June 06th, 2017 - Online

This workshop will explore what SOPs are, what they are used for, when they are required, how to write them effectively for compliance and for implementation within the organization, and how to ensure effective communication and training of procedures within the SOPs.
Why ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health, Management

Steam Sterilization Microbiology and Autoclave Performance - 2017

Ref: 25290 Wednesday June 07th, 2017 - Online

Successful autoclave Performance Qualification starts with a fundamental understanding of steam sterilization microbiology.
Why should you Attend:
Sterilization process parameters will be laid out as a basis for conducting autoclave performance qualification studies. ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Public Health

Software Validation Program That will Satisfy FDA Requirements - 2017

Ref: 25291 Thursday June 08th, 2017 - Online

This course will teach how to conduct a software validation program that will satisfy FDA requirements and produce a safe product.
Why should you Attend:
Testing software to prove that it works and has no bugs is not sufficient to obtain FDA approval. There are additional ...

Education: Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Computer science, Public Health

Challenges to relevant Financial Statements - 2017

Ref: 25292 Thursday June 08th, 2017 - Online

This course will cover both the telecommunication and technology industries and pinpoint how company operations can be improved.
Why should you Attend:
With my LIFA certification and 15 years in international finance topics such as IFRS, GAAP, and international accounting ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Public Health

EU Clinical Trial regulation - 2017

Ref: 25293 Monday June 12th, 2017 - Online

Transition between Directive 2001/20/EC and Regulation EU No 536/2014
Until the Clinical Trials Regulation EU No will become applicable, all clinical trials performed in the European Union are required to be conducted in accordance with the Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC....

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Public Health

Audit - How to Improve Your Internal Audit program - 2017

Ref: 25294 Tuesday June 13th, 2017 - Online

This webinar will explore how to improve your internal audit program so it is the efficient and effective tool it is meant to be. Internal Audit is a required part of an effective quality system.
Why should you Attend:
Continuous Improvement starts with awareness of issues ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Computer science, Public Health

Billing Medicare For DME - How to Get the Proper Licensure - 2017

Ref: 25295 Wednesday June 14th, 2017 - Online

Learn how to provide your Medicare patients with Durable Medical Equipment to maximize patient clinical outcomes while developing a great revenue stream.
Why should you Attend:
Learn to develop a large new revenue stream while protecting your senior patients from ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Public Health

Finance - How to Interpret Nonfinancial Professionals - 2017

Ref: 25296 Thursday June 15th, 2017 - Online

This program covers a general overview of accounting and financial information and how to interpret reports so that you can make the best decisions in your role as a manager in your organization.
Why should you Attend:
No matter the title you hold or how brilliant your idea ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Public Health

CAPA System and Uses of CAPA Data - 2017

Ref: 25297 Monday June 19th, 2017 - Online

This session will discuss the importance, requirements, and elements of a CAPA program, as well as describing the uses of CAPA data.
Areas Covered in the Session:
Elements of a cross-procedural CAPA program ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Public Health

FDA offers New Import Program for 2017

Ref: 25298 Tuesday June 20th, 2017 - Online

FDA offers some relief from the strict requirements if you participate in a voluntary Affirmation of Compliance (AOC). Providing accurate information is necessary in order to reconcile the PREDICD, ACE, Invoice and AOC information.
Why should you Attend:
The new import ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health

Annual Product Quality Review - 2017

Ref: 25299 Wednesday June 21st, 2017 - Online

It is designed to minimize the product defects and also the risks associated with the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical product.
Why should you Attend:
This webinar will give a brief overview of the general procedure for the preparation and documentation of the Annual ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health

Overlap between Engineering and Psychology - 2017

Ref: 25301 Monday June 26th, 2017 - Online

This course will show how psychological factors enter into the engineering profession. Many aspects of the engineering profession are nontechnical such as balancing "green" practices with an effective cost structure, engineering ethics, how detail oriented should an engineer be, ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Bio-Technologies, Public Health

Automating Excel - How to edit an Existing Macro - 2017

Ref: 25302 Wednesday June 28th, 2017 - Online

VBA is the programming language that is built in to Excel (and the other applications in the MS Office Suite).VBA is used to automate tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually by pressing keys and selecting items with the mouse-and if that sounds like a macro-well it ...

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Management, Public Health

Hysterectomy Surgery

Ref: 22922 11/16/2015 -> 11/14/2017 - Online

Enjoy less cost hysterectomy surgery benefits in India

Education: Hospital, Surgery, Public Health