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Emergency Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach to Adult Care

Ref: 25581 04/23/2018 -> 04/27/2018 - Sarasota US

All 2017-2018 CME medical conferences are Live, Half-day, Commercial Support Free medical events & approved for 20 AMA PRA Cat 1/AAFP/ACEP/ACOG
Evidence-based, Clinical, Guideline-driven CME in Florida. Serious Education in a Beautiful Location.

Conference & Seminar: Emergency, General medicine, Internal medicine
CME 20 credits

What is a Technical Trainer and Training Courses 2018

Ref: 26715 04/26/2018 -> 04/27/2018 - Washington US

Day one of the workshop will build the foundation for effective adult learning particularly in terms of adult learning theory and human performance. This is fundamental to understanding how to best transfer job relevant skills and knowledge to adult learners. Day one will end with a discussion of t ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

HIPAA privacy exceptions for law enforcement purposes applied to health care professionals

Ref: 26986 Thursday May 03rd, 2018 - Online

HIPAA exceptions for law enforcement also cover mandatory reporting of suspected child dependency, neglect, or abuse as well as adult abuse or neglect, and also domestic violence.
HIPAA exceptions for health oversight activities are then reviewed. These exceptions cover many different ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

3rd Dubai International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Vaccination

Ref: 26560 05/10/2018 -> 05/12/2018 - Dubai AE

Get updates of immunisation recommendations for children and adults
. Develop highly effective hospital infection control programs
. Review latest diagnostics for early detection of infectious diseases
. Update your knowledge on regional emerging epidemics and their detection and ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

Primary Care and Women’s Health: An Update and Review

Ref: 25582 05/14/2018 -> 05/18/2018 - Sarasota US

Adult Health Screening and Immunizations – Evidence-Based Approach. (Muncie)
Amenorrhea. (Peters)
Anemia – ...

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology, Emergency, General medicine, Gynecology obstetrics, Internal medicine, Neurology
CME 20 credits

Secpcc 2018

Ref: 26634 05/17/2018 -> 05/19/2018 - San Sebastian ES

Este congreso esta dirigido a todas las especialidades que tienen relacion con pacientes pediatricos con patologia cardiaca asociada o con sospecha de presentarla y ademas a todos los profesionales que se ocupan de los pacientes con cardiopatias congenitas del adulto, y a todos ellos extendemos la ...

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology

fPmh 2018

Ref: 26668 05/24/2018 -> 05/25/2018 - Ecublens CH

Comment mieux comprendre la transition de l’adolescent a l’adulte du point de vu de la maturation du cerveau ?
Quelle place y a-t-il pour le pédiatre de demain, comment devrons-nous adapter notre pratique a l’évolution des générations Y et Z, a la robotisation et digitalisation de la mé ...

Conference & Seminar: Pediatrics

Emergency Medicine: Practicing According to the Evidence

Ref: 25583 05/28/2018 -> 06/01/2018 - Sarasota US

Adult Orthopedic Pearls and Pitfalls. (Perron)
Aortic Emergencies. (Gibbs)
Community Ac ...

Conference & Seminar: Allergology, Cardiology, Emergency, General medicine, Internal medicine, Traumatology
CME 20 credits

20e Entretiens de Nutrition de l'Institut Pasteur de Lille

Ref: 26900 06/14/2018 -> 06/15/2018 - Lille FR

Car dès la conception, voire même avant, et durant toute la grossesse, le mode de vie de la mère mais aussi du père, leur alimentation comme leur environnement ont des conséquences sur la santé de l’enfant à naître et du futur adulte. N’est-ce pas passionnant et fascinant ? A vous de juger. Nous vo ...

Conference & Seminar: Diet & Nutrition, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology obstetrics, Natural medicine

SDEF's 14th Annual Women's And Pediatric Dermatology Seminar

Ref: 26548 06/22/2018 -> 06/23/2018 - Newport Beach US

Our expert faculty present information that is immediately useful for your patients, from infants through adults. Interactive panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and faculty, makes this unique CME/CE conference a must.
This conference is ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Dermatology

20e Journée de psychopathologie du nourrisson

Ref: 26979 Thursday August 02nd, 2018 - Paris FR

La méthode psychanalytique peut-elle s’appliquer directement à l’enfant et même au bébé ? Depuis Freud, la théorie psychanalytique parle d’un enfant « reconstruit » après-coup, à partir de la cure de l’adulte. La clinique précoce est caractérisée par l’entrecroisement de l’émergence d’un psychisme ...

Conference & Seminar: Psychiatry

Drug Development Conference to Meet the Challenge of Antimicrob. Resistance

Ref: 26691 09/04/2018 -> 09/07/2018 - Lisbon PT

Its scope stretches from chemistry to clinical development, from neonates to adults, from bacteria to fungi - all with a global perspective. The meeting is practical, interactive with plenty of time for networking. We will happily accept original data for poster and platform presentations. We are a ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

Colloque du département de psychiatrie Adulte 2018

Ref: 26977 Saturday September 08th, 2018 - Paris FR

Histoires, identités, transmissions

Conference & Seminar: Psychiatry

International Child And Adult Behavioural Health Conference

Ref: 26772 09/13/2018 -> 09/14/2018 - Dubai AE

Behavioural health 2018 provides you a vast platform to discuss about child and adult behaviours. Our major theme is “Expanding Child and Adult Behaviour Horizons”. We also provide a vast area to gather experiences from various fields regarding psychology and neuroscience.


Conference & Seminar: Psychiatry, Neurology

34th Annual Echo in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Ref: 26615 10/05/2018 -> 10/07/2018 - Phoenix US

This three-day symposium is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, clinical aspects, imaging, and management of patients with congenital heart disease. The symposium will include case discussions, didactic seminars, anatomic and imaging correlations, discussion ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

Ref: 26936 10/08/2018 -> 10/09/2018 - Dubai AE

Clinical Nutrition
Nutrition and Metabolism
Paediatric and Adult Nutrition,
Nutrition and Health,Food and Nutrition,Parental and Maternal Nutrition,Probiotics

Conference & Seminar: Biology, Cardiology, Diabetes, Diet & Nutrition

IDF Diabetes Complications and Foot Congress, Hyderabad 2018

Ref: 26557 10/25/2018 -> 10/27/2018 - Hyderabad IN

Diabetes currently affects 425 million adults, a total that is set to reach 629 million by 2045. When not appropriately managed, all types of diabetes can result in complications affecting many parts of the body, leading to frequent hospitalisation and early death.
Diabetes is one of th ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Internal medicine

Skin Disease Education Foundation 43nd Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar

Ref: 27053 02/16/2019 -> 02/22/2019 - Waikoloa US

The latest advances in the treatment and management of common and complex skin diseases of the skin, both for adults and children as well as new developments in aesthetic medicine.
Our exceptional faculty will present clinically relevant information that you will find imm ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

2nd Neurogenesis Conference, Bahamas, 2019

Ref: 27002 03/05/2019 -> 03/08/2019 - Nassau BS

This conference will bring together leaders from diverse fields such as embryonic cortical development, adult neurogenesis, human imaging, and stem cell-based neural disease modelling to discuss recent advances in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating neural stem cell activ ...

Conference & Seminar: Neurology