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List of medical conferences and educations - cme in Boston : 32 results

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4th Annual Genome Editing USA Congress

Ref: 31026 04/07/2020 -> 04/08/2020 - Boston US

350+ end users representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions, healthcare organisations as well as leading pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

Conference & Seminar: Genetic(s)

4th Advancing R&D Sourcing & Procurement in Pharma

Ref: 31056 04/07/2020 -> 04/09/2020 - Boston US

  Discover How Can R&D Procurement Enhance SRM, Expedite Speed-to-Market & Deliver Beyond TCO   As the only meeting catered to the needs of senior R&D Procurement, Sourcing and Category Management leaders, we have seen the transformation since we launched this meeting ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

6th Annual Next Generation Sequencing US Congress

Ref: 31237 04/07/2020 -> 04/08/2020 - Boston US

3 outstanding programmes bringing together Europe’s key genomics experts in Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell Analysis, Genome Editing.   80+ case studies, solution and technology presentations and 2 interactive workshops.   07 April 2019 – Day One • Discussion Workshop: ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Genetic(s)

6th Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress

Ref: 31249 04/07/2020 -> 04/08/2020 - Boston US

3 outstanding programmes bringing together Europe’s key genomics experts in Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell Analysis and Genome Editing.   80+ case studies, solution and technology presentations and 2 interactive workshops.   View Agenda: ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

2nd Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit

Ref: 31428 04/15/2020 -> 04/17/2020 - Boston US

Translating Neuroimmunological into Clinically Effective Neurodegenerative Targeting Therapeutics

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

TCR-based Therapies Summit

Ref: 31165 04/20/2020 -> 04/22/2020 - Boston US

  The only dedicated end-to-end, industry led TCR therapy summit is a unique opportunity to delve into the details of TCR development. This technical meeting is a rare opportunity to learn from 20+ industry experts from Ziopharm, Immatics US, TScan Therapeutics and many more. Gain insights ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

The 6th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference

Ref: 30313 04/21/2020 -> 04/23/2020 - Boston US

This conference brings together the leading microbiome companies working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Biomolecular Condensates Summit

Ref: 31376 04/21/2020 -> 04/23/2020 - Boston US

Optimize the Target Discovery, Improve Assay Development and Translate Biomolecular Condensate Biology into Effective Therapies

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast 2020

Ref: 31046 04/27/2020 -> 04/28/2020 - Boston US

  The global pre-filled syringes market was valued at $4.9 billion in 2018 and with the rapid growth of the industry, is expected to exceed $9.7 billion by 2025. With that in mind, for its 7th year running- the 2020 event will aim to focus on new trends on digital technology advancements, ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

SMi’s 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast Conference

Ref: 31080 04/29/2020 -> 04/30/2020 - Boston US

SPONSORED BY: Associates of Cape Cod, bioMérieux, Bioscience International, C.T.L. MAT, LONZA   CHAIRED BY: Lynne Ensor,VP Technical, Parexel   The pharmaceutical microbiology industry has seen many changes during the progression into the 21st century. With advances in rapid ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

4th NASH USA Summit

Ref: 31270 05/04/2020 -> 05/07/2020 - Boston US

  The NASH Summit offers an unrivalled, market leading opportunity to learn cutting-edge insights into the successes, setbacks and innovations in NASH drug development from the last 12 months. As the only totally comprehensive forum covering all aspects of NASH drug development from ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Special Deliveries 2020 –> Managing Births in the Emergency Setting

Ref: 31199 Saturday May 09th, 2020 - Boston US

  The course is designed to provide hands on training in the management of normal and complicated deliveries.   This course is designed to help providers manage the high risk, low frequency events around deliveries.   Participants will be given the opportunity to practice ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Special Deliveries - Managing Births in the Emergency Setting 2020

Ref: 31374 Saturday May 09th, 2020 - Boston US

Educate emergency providers in the management of normal and complicated deliveries occurring in emergency settings.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Quality and GMP Compliance for Virtual Companies (Pharmaceutical and Biologics Industries)

Ref: 31834 05/14/2020 -> 05/15/2020 - Boston US

Editorial In this two day workshop conference you will learn the requirements and expectations of major health care regulators that are applicable to "virtual" companies. You will learn how to diagnose your company's needs based on which GMP and GCP-governed operations you retain and which you ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit

Ref: 31386 05/19/2020 -> 05/21/2020 - Boston US

Successfully Validate Novel Targets, Improve Preclinical Predictability of Patient-Derived Models and Optimize Drug Pharmacology to Accelerate Translation of Robust Protein Misfolding Targeted Therapeutics into the Clinic. With numerous molecular approaches emerging that demonstrate viable ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Allogeneic Cell Therapy Summit 2020

Ref: 31517 05/19/2020 -> 05/21/2020 - Boston US

The 2nd Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit is the only meeting completely focussed on advancing the development of off-the-shelf therapies by advancing cryopreservation techniques and decreasing cost through industrialized manufacturing.Network with 250 industry leaders to discuss novel genetic ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

3rd Neuropsychiatric Drug Development

Ref: 31607 05/19/2020 -> 05/21/2020 - Boston US

The 3rd Annual Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit is the definitive industry meeting focused on helping you develop the next generation of clinically effective therapeutics.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

LEAP HR: Emerging Biopharma

Ref: 31442 05/26/2020 -> 05/28/2020 - Boston US

  As the life sciences market continues to grow and with more funding for start-ups than ever before, for those working in HR in these smaller life sciences organizations, there is a need to rethink processes, work in more agile ways and balance time acting as a strategic leader as well as ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

2nd Microbiome Movement - Maternal And Infant Health Summit 2020

Ref: 31647 05/26/2020 -> 05/28/2020 - Boston US

  The 2nd Microbiome Movement - Maternal And Infant Health Summit returns as the only conference to unite large pharma, drug developers, academic KOL's and pediatric clinicians to discuss the shared challenges of helping to configure the microbiome in the first 1000 days of life to reduce ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

In-House Impact: Life Sciences 2020

Ref: 31727 05/26/2020 -> 05/27/2020 - Boston US

  In-House Impact: Life Sciences is a new type of forum, designed for and by legal leaders in the Life Sciences, to help legal teams move from enterprise defenders to enablers of innovation and cross-functional competency. This conference isn't just unique in offering an ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

3rd Lifecycle Management for Combination Products Summit

Ref: 31449 06/02/2020 -> 06/04/2020 - Boston US

  The 3rd Lifecycle Management for Combination Products Summit is the only peer-led community that is bringing over 100+ senior leaders from drug-device teams including regulatory affairs, product development and quality together to share key opinions on how to maximize your combination ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

5th Microbiome Movement Drug Development Summit 2020

Ref: 31614 06/08/2020 -> 06/10/2020 - Boston US

  The Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit continues to be the industry-leading forum to help forward thinking researchers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic community pursue the causal role of the human microbiome in disease, to create a new generation of targeted ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

2nd Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

Ref: 31436 06/23/2020 -> 06/25/2020 - Boston US

  Finally Drugging The "Undruggable" Proteome   With about 85% of the proteome currently undrugged, accessing these targets that are, at present, extremely difficult to drug, has prevented researchers from achieving desired clinical successes.   The 2nd Proteome- Targeted ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

PREDiCT: Imaging Modalities For Oncology Drug Development Summit in Boston

Ref: 31625 06/23/2020 -> 06/25/2020 - Boston US

  At the PREDiCT: Imaging Modalities for Oncology Drug Development Summit we will reveal the strategy behind the multimodal applications to understand how this information can determine clinical candidate success. Join us in Boston with 60+ experts alongside organisations such as ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

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