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List of medical conferences and educations - cme : 83 results for the search Adult

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Medical meetings - Medical educations

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SDEF's 12th Annual Women's and Pediatric Dermatology Seminar

Ref: 24135 10/14/2016 -> 10/15/2016 - Newport US

Our expert faculty present information that is immediately useful for your patients, from infants through adults. Interactive panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and faculty, makes this unique CME/CE conference a must.
Who ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach for Infants & Toddlers

Ref: 23962 10/07/2016 -> 10/09/2016 - Budapest HU

facilitate movement transitions appropriate for the infant/toddler population on another adult and on a doll in lab.
promote carry-over in the home environment via daily activities.
Course Schedule:
Day One ...

Education: Pediatrics, Pedagogy, Occupational Medicine, Neonatology, Neurology, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med.

Infectious Diseases in the Adult Patient: A Primary Care Update

Ref: 23941 12/26/2016 -> 12/30/2016 - Sarasota US

11:15am – 12:15pm Fever of Unknown Origin in Adults for the Primary Care Physician.
Day 2
8:00am – 9:00am Adult Immunizations. Part I
9:05am – 10:05am Adult Immunizations. Part II ...

Conference & Seminar: Dermatology, General medicine, Internal medicine

Infectious Diseases in the Adult Patient: A Primary Care Update

Ref: 23940 12/26/2016 -> 12/30/2016 - Sarasota US

11:15am – 12:15pm Fever of Unknown Origin in Adults for the Primary Care Physician. (Ken Kaye)
Day 2
8:00am – 9:00am Adult Immunizations. Part I (J. Zuckerman)
9:05am – 10:05am Adult Immunizations. Part ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine, Internal medicine, Dermatology

Atlas and Som: Case Tutorial on Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Imaging

Ref: 23937 02/09/2017 -> 02/11/2017 - Las Vegas US

Implement current techniques and protocols to accurately diagnose disorders of the brain and spine in adults and children.
Website: ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Mayo Clinic 16th Annual Nutrition and Wellness in Health and Disease

Ref: 23933 09/30/2016 -> 10/01/2016 - Chicago US

Identify a nutrition, physical activity, behavioral, surgical and/or pharmacologic approach for overweight and obese adult and pediatric patients
Describe the benefits of physical activity
Discuss the components of healthy eating for patients
Identify helpful nut ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

10 ème SYMPOSIUM DE PSYCHIATRIE: Psychiatrie et internet. Jeu pathologique

Ref: 23931 03/13/2017 -> 03/17/2017 - Bali ID

Cette réorganisation prend appui sur les mutations des cadres temporels des enfants, qui passent d’emplois du temps stables à une flexibilité plus grande, et sur l’augmentation tendancielle à la fois du temps passé sans la présence d’un adulte, mais aussi des pressions qui s’exercent sur eux, aussi ...

Congress: Psychiatry
CME 20 credits

Family Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach to Patient Care

Ref: 23906 11/07/2016 -> 11/11/2016 - Sarasota US

8:00am-9:00am Adult Health Screening and Immunizations – Evidence-Based Approach.
9:05am-10:05am Anemia – A Finding, Not Yet a Diagnosis
10:10am-11:10am Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
11:15am-12:15pm Evaluation and Treatment of Respiratory Infect ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine, Internal medicine, Emergency, Hospital
CME 20 credits

Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium

Ref: 23749 11/03/2016 -> 11/06/2016 - Phoenix US

The 32nd Annual Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium will highlight the use of echocardiography and other cardiac imaging techniques to recognize, understand, and manage patients with congenital heart disease. This four-day symposium is designed to provide a co ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Public Engagement Masterclass

Ref: 23423 07/20/2016 -> 07/22/2016 - Hinxton GB

community members, patients, school children, curious adults) with research. Participants will improve their own communication skills, explore the dynamics of partnering with different communities, and be introduced to a range of tools to better measure the impact of their public engagement activit ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

1st Efic Topical Symposium on Acute and Chronic Joint Pain

Ref: 23204 09/21/2016 -> 09/23/2016 - Dubrovnik HR

By the year 2030, an estimated one hundred and twenty million (25% of the projected total adult population) adults aged 18 years and older will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Two-thirds of those with arthritis will be women. Also by 2030, an estimated 60 million adults (37% of adults with arthrit ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

2016 Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology Review Course

Ref: 23011 08/21/2016 -> 08/26/2016 - Dana Point US

The 2016 Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology Review Course will be a
comprehensive, state-of-the art review of all aspects of pediatric and adult congenital
cardiology. Well-known experts in the fields of Pediatric Cardiology, Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Cardiac An ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

48th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology

Ref: 22840 10/19/2016 -> 10/22/2016 - Dublin IE

We would like to invite, and encourage, all healthcare professionals involved in work on cancer in children, adolescents and young adults to join us at the upcoming congress and to contribute to its high scientific quality.
Dublin, Ireland’s capital and largest city, is a ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

ECHO IN THE CITY OF RIVERS: Practical Review of Valvular Heart Disease

Ref: 22830 09/24/2016 -> 09/25/2016 - Pittsburgh US

The program will focus on valvular disease anatomy and quantitative assessment, prosthetic valve assessment and dysfunction, endocarditis and the remaining aspects of adult echocardiography. The lectures will be illustrated with digital image presentations of clinical cases in echocardiography and ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Des maladies mentales au handicap psychique

Ref: 22796 05/19/2016 -> 09/30/2016 - Paris FR

Depuis la loi du 11 02 2005 sur l’égalité des chances, il se dégage pour les personnes qui souffrent d’une maladie mentale sévère, de nouvelles modalités de réponses quant à leurs difficultés ou incapacités au long cours.

Education: Psychiatry

Diplome Universitaire Clinique D'Orthodontie De L'Enfant Et De L'Adulte

Ref: 22222 01/21/2016 -> 05/20/2017 - Casablanca MA

Encadré par l’Université Européenne Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC), l'Académie des Arts Dentaires et SP Formation Afrik
1er Module : 21 - 22 - 23 janvier 2016
< ...

Post graduate: Cosmetic dentistry, General dentistry, Occlusodonty, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics

CEU Oncogénétique et pathologies génétiques de l'adulte

Ref: 6715 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

Plus généralement, il s'adresse à tous ceux dont l'activité professionnelle peut justifier l'acquisition de connaissances au sujet de pathologies ayant une composante génétique se manifestant à l'âge adulte : scientifique, psychologues, kinésithérapeutes, infirmiers, assistantes sociales.Le but pri ...

Post graduate: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic, Veterinary, Endocrinology, Genetic(s), Neurology, Oncology, Nurses, Physiotherapy, Biology, Psychology

CEU (Ré)habilitation par prothèses et implants auditifs des surdités de l'adulte et de l'enfant

Ref: 6728 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

- Praticiens français et étrangers impliqués dans les surdités de l’adulte et de l’enfant : spécialistes ORL, gériatres, pédiatres, médecins généralistes, scolaires ou de PMI.- Etudiants français et étrangers engagés dans ces filières.- Orthophonistes et audioprothésistes.
Modalités d'admission ...

Post graduate: Medicine, ENT, Pediatrics, Speech Therapy

DIU Chirurgie endocrienne et Métabolique

Ref: 6749 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

HENRYService de Chirurgie GénéraleCHU Timone AdulteTel : 04 91 38 58 54
Informations:Centralisées sur Lyon,Service des spécialités médicales de l'Université Claude Bernard8, avenue Rockfeller69373 Lyon Cedex 08
Inscription administrative:Faculté de Médecine Scolarité Bureau des DUTel: 04 ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Surgery

DIU Chirurgie endovasculaire

Ref: 6750 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

Renseignements et inscription pédagogique:Professeur BRANCHEREAUCHU Timone AdultesService de Chirurgie VasculaireTel: 04 91 38 57 62
Information et inscription pédagogique:Professeur R. HASSEN-KHODJAService de Chirurgie VasculaireCHU de Nice Hôpital Saint Roch5 rue Pierre Dévoluy06000 NiceTel : ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Radiology & Imaging, Hospital

DIU Echographie cardiaque et vasculaire Méditerranéen

Ref: 6755 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

Cet examen fournit des renseignements très importants dans la majorité des cardiopathies de l’adulte et de l’enfant. La pratique de l’échocardiographie nécessite une connaissance approfondie de l’anatomie, de la physiologie et de la pathologie cardiaque. L’enseignement doit assurer la connaissance d ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Anatomy pat. & histo, Anesthesia - Resuscitation, Cardiology

DIU Formation des professionnels de santé à la prise en charge de la douleur

Ref: 6765 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

C PERAGUTHôpital de la Timone AdultesTél : Faculté de Médecine sur présentation de la réponse favorable du Pr J.C PERAGUT
Inscription administrative :Faculté de Médecine Scolarité Bureau des DU27 Bd Jean Moulin13385 Marseille cedex 05Tel :

Post graduate: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nurses, Physiotherapy, Hospital, Pain, Psychology

DIU Oncologie digestive Sud-Est

Ref: 6789 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

Renseignements et inscription pédagogique:service d'Oncologie DigestiveCHU Timone AdultesTel: 04 91 38 60 23Fax: 04 91 38 48 73
Inscription administrative:Faculté de Médecine Scolarité Bureau des DUTel: 04 91 32 43 25
Dispositif d'accueil: 
30 étudiants maximu ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Radiology & Imaging, Cancerology

DU Appareillage des personnes handicapées et aspects sociaux économiques du handicap

Ref: 6824 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

L’enseignement sur l’Appareillage des Personnes Handicapées a pour but de faire acquérir des connaissances théoriques et pratiques permettant ensuite à des médecins de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation, des professionnels de santé, des techniciens et des ingénieurs, de connaître les bases indispe ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med.

DU Ethique médicale

Ref: 6843 Academic year 2015-2016 - Marseille FR

Renseignements et inscription pédagogique:Espace Ethique MéditerranéenCHU Timone AdultesProfesseur HARLETel : 04 91 38 44 27Fax: 04 91 38 44 28E-mail: ou
Inscription administrative:Faculté de Médecine Scolarité Bureau des DUTel: 04 91 32 42 25

Post graduate: Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic, Genetic(s), Midwives

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