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Drug Development Conference to Meet the Challenge of Antimicrob. Resistance

Ref: 26691 09/04/2018 -> 09/07/2018 - Lisbon PT

Its scope stretches from chemistry to clinical development, from neonates to adults, from bacteria to fungi - all with a global perspective. The meeting is practical, interactive with plenty of time for networking. We will happily accept original data for poster and platform presentations. We are a ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

Adult Immunization: New and Old Challenges

Ref: 26689 03/16/2018 -> 03/17/2018 - Sao Paulo BR

Discuss different aspects related to immunization in adults:
- importance and challenges of adult immunization.
- immune response in elderly.
- vaccine schedule for adults, immunocompromised patients, healthcare workers and travellers. ...

Education: National Health

fPmh 2018

Ref: 26668 05/24/2018 -> 05/25/2018 - Ecublens CH

Comment mieux comprendre la transition de l’adolescent a l’adulte du point de vu de la maturation du cerveau ?
Quelle place y a-t-il pour le pédiatre de demain, comment devrons-nous adapter notre pratique a l’évolution des générations Y et Z, a la robotisation et digitalisation de la mé ...

Conference & Seminar: Pediatrics

Journée - Rencontre des Hôpitaux de Jour Adultes

Ref: 26655 Thursday April 12th, 2018 - Paris FR

Ce Jeudi 12 Avril 2018 aura lieu la première « Rencontre des Hôpitaux de Jour pour Adultes ».
Nous échangerons sur la diversité de nos pratiques cliniques en psychiatrie, dans des espaces thérapeutiques d’accueil à temps partiel.
Nous avons, pour cette journée, réuni pl ...

Conference & Seminar: Psychiatry

Secpcc 2018

Ref: 26634 05/17/2018 -> 05/19/2018 - San Sebastian ES

Este congreso esta dirigido a todas las especialidades que tienen relacion con pacientes pediatricos con patologia cardiaca asociada o con sospecha de presentarla y ademas a todos los profesionales que se ocupan de los pacientes con cardiopatias congenitas del adulto, y a todos ellos extendemos la ...

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology

34th Annual Echo in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Ref: 26615 10/05/2018 -> 10/07/2018 - Phoenix US

This three-day symposium is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, clinical aspects, imaging, and management of patients with congenital heart disease. The symposium will include case discussions, didactic seminars, anatomic and imaging correlations, discussion ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

The Dubai International Neuroscience Congress

Ref: 26584 03/29/2018 -> 03/31/2018 - Dubai AE

The programme is designed to cover the latest contemporary approaches in Neurology and current updates on management and treatment in different areas; mental disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, bi polar disorders, adult eating disorders, and many more...
The congress will ...

Conference & Seminar: Neurology

FDA Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Industry | FDA Regulatory 2018

Ref: 26572 03/29/2018 -> 03/30/2018 - Chicago, IL US

The office also develops and implements compliance policy and takes advisory actions to protect the public from adulterated drugs in the U.S. market. This year we have seen:
Increased use of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) has increased the regulatory focus on CMO and ...

Education: Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic

Drug Products for Clinical Trials | FDA Approved Drugs List 2018

Ref: 26563 03/01/2018 -> 03/02/2018 - Boston, MA US

Section 501(a)(2)(B) of the FD&C Act requires drugs, including IND products, to comply with cGMPs or if they are not manufactured in compliance with cGMPs, they are deemed adulterated. Based on this statutory requirement for manufacturers to follow GMPs, FDA issued cGMP regulations for drug and ...

Education: Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary

3rd Dubai International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Vaccination

Ref: 26560 05/10/2018 -> 05/12/2018 - Dubai AE

Get updates of immunisation recommendations for children and adults
. Develop highly effective hospital infection control programs
. Review latest diagnostics for early detection of infectious diseases
. Update your knowledge on regional emerging epidemics and their detection and ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

IDF Diabetes Complications and Foot Congress, Hyderabad 2018

Ref: 26557 10/25/2018 -> 10/27/2018 - Hyderabad IN

Diabetes currently affects 425 million adults, a total that is set to reach 629 million by 2045. When not appropriately managed, all types of diabetes can result in complications affecting many parts of the body, leading to frequent hospitalisation and early death.
Diabetes is one of th ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Internal medicine

SDEF's 14th Annual Women's And Pediatric Dermatology Seminar

Ref: 26548 06/22/2018 -> 06/23/2018 - Newport Beach US

Our expert faculty present information that is immediately useful for your patients, from infants through adults. Interactive panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and faculty, makes this unique CME/CE conference a must.
This conference is ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

The National Autistic Society's Autism Professionals Annual Conference 2018

Ref: 26327 03/07/2018 -> 03/08/2018 - Harrogate GB

• developing a new adult diagnostic tool
• eating disorders in autistic women
• employment for autistic adults
• supporting parents to improve their child's sleep patterns ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

17th Annual Developmental Disabilities: Update for Health Professionals

Ref: 26272 03/08/2018 -> 03/09/2018 - San Francisco US

The 17th annual interdisciplinary conference celebrates PROMOTING QUALITY OF LIFE FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, offering a unique update for primary care and subspecialty health care professionals and others who care for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities and ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Abu Dhabi Annual Intl Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency And Human Health

Ref: 26254 03/15/2018 -> 03/16/2018 - Abu Dhabi AE

Evidence has shown that adequate levels of Vitamin D may prevent multiple bone disorders such as rickets in children; and Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Osteopenia, in adults. Vitamin D Deficiency is thought to be a widespread public health problem globally; being more prevalent in places with limited ...

Conference & Seminar: Internal medicine

The 7th Natural Health and Nutrition Expo

Ref: 26212 04/11/2018 -> 04/13/2018 - Shanghai CN

Healthcare Food,Imported food/ Healthcare Products,Health Foods/ Functional Beverages,Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP), Anti Aging Food and Supplies,Foods or Medicines of Highly Nutritious,Home Medical Devics, Adult health products,OEM/ODM,Consultant Services for Product Registration

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

11e Symposium de Psychiatrie: Autisme chez l’enfant et psychose chez l’adulte : Actualité clinique et thérapeutique.

Ref: 26136 03/02/2018 -> 03/09/2018 - Carthagene CO

Psychose chez l’adulte : Actualité clinique et thérapeutique.
Objectifs pédagogiques
À la fin de cette formation, le participant sera en mesure :
D’expliquer pourquoi certains patients estiment qu’ils n’ont pas besoin de médication. ...

Congress: Psychiatry
CME 15 credits

6th International Child and Adult Behavioral Health Conference

Ref: 26069 03/01/2018 -> 03/03/2018 - Abu Dhabi AE

It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to the 6th International Child and Adult Behavioral Health Conference to be held on 1-3 March, 2018 at Jumeirah Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi UAE.
The theme for the conference in 2018 will be mental illness from chi ...

Conference & Seminar: Pediatrics, Psychiatry

Echocardiographic Workshop on 2-D and Doppler Echo at Vail

Ref: 25861 03/04/2018 -> 03/08/2018 - Vail US

The course is designed for the clinician and sonographer who are actively involved in adult echocardiography and wish to gain additional practical experience in these specific areas. Daily reading sessions will provide the opportunity to interpret case studies and to compare and discuss diagnoses ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

World Nursing and Healthcare Congress

Ref: 25834 04/16/2018 -> 04/18/2018 - Tokyo JP

This global congress will provide a distinctive forum to meet eminent personalities and experience inspiring talks in the field of nursing and healthcare and there will be a great affiliation of nursing practitioners, cardiac nurses, adult and women experts, pediatric care takers, critical care man ...

Congress: Alcoholism, Cancerology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Diabetes, Diet & Nutrition, Emergency, General medicine, Hospital, Surgery

The International ADHD Congress (ADHD 2018)

Ref: 25804 03/19/2018 -> 03/21/2018 - Tel Aviv IL

The International ADHD Congress will continue the longstanding tradition of the ENAA meetings, in which it is the 5th, where numerous interesting and updated topics will be addressed.
The International ADHD Congress is focused on the triangle of symptoms, impairment and dysregulation ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Formation : Appareillage et déformation du rachis de l'enfant et de l'adulte

Ref: 5302 Academic year 2017-2018 - Lyon FR

Les diplômes d’appareillage couvrent les champs de l’appareillage sans être en mesure de décrire suffisamment  les spécificités du traitement des scolioses et cyphoses de l’enfant, de l’adulte et de la personne âgée. Le GES (Groupe d’étude de la Scoliose) groupe de travail représentatif national a ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, Hospital, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med.

Formation : Pathologie rachidienne

Ref: 5306 Academic year 2017-2018 - Lyon FR

PROGRAMME DETAILLE :MODULE 1 GENERALITES : Anatomie du rachis - Aspects biomécaniques - Equilibre sagittal pelvi rachidien - Imagerie du rachis normal -  Bases de l’électrophysiologie -  Voies d’abord chirurgicalesMODULE 2 PATHOLOGIE DEGENERATIVE (1) : Le vieillissement du rachis : quelles conséquen ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Anatomy pat. & histo, Surgery, Sports Medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Rheumatology, Emergency, Physiotherapy, Hospital, Pain

Formation : RéPIT

Ref: 5341 Academic year 2017-2018 - Lyon FR

Il vise à approfondir des connaissances dans le domaine des sciences biomédicales et sciences humaines, pour développer une approche centrée d’une part sur le patient l'enfant, l'adolescent, l’adulte ou la personne âgée atteint d’une pathologie menaçant ou limitant la vie, d’autre part sur le ou les ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Paramedic, Infectious Diseases - Hygiene, Oncology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Pedagogy

Formation : Interprofessionnel de criminalistique (DPC)

Ref: 5346 Academic year 2017-2018 - Lyon FR

Eléments psychopathologiques en lien avec les auditions - Spécificité de l’entretien avec les victimes adultes - Spécificité de l’entretien avec les victimes mineures - Méthodes d’entretien standards avec les victimes - Amélioration de la restitution des souvenirs des victimes avec la méthode de l’e ...

Post graduate: Medicine, Genetic(s), Psychiatry, Forensics, Psychology

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